Mail-Order Antiquarian Bookshop

Mail-Order Antiquarian Bookshop

Comprehensive service for purchases (also entire libraries)

The mail-order antiquarian bookshop Konrad von Agris is always on the lookout for “new” old books.

Whether your library at home is bursting at the seams, you inherited an entire collection of old works or you are a bookseller with substantial volumes for sale, we buy books in any amounts. You can rest assured that your books will return to the hands of readers who value them and enjoy reading.

We thrive to offer customers of our online shop a wide variety of books covering multiple subjects of interest. Thereby we are interested in all kinds of books , the more specialized they are, the better. Meanwhile, there are many books on the market that we sadly cannot put in our catalogue, because there is no economic value to be realized.


We offer our esteemed customers the following services:

  • Acceptance of books, libraries and collections of private, institutional/ academic and commercial owners

  • Consultations without any strings attached

  • Development of logistic concepts related to books

  • De-commissioning, elimination of doublets and other forms of inventory organization

  • Reliable transport of books (esp. large amounts due to own logistic fleet e.g. trucks)

Our services are offered in Germany and its neighboring countries, starting from the midst of Europe, the historic city of Aachen. We provide for a wide range of customers, from individuals to commercial booksellers and antiquarian bookshops world-wide.

Your Mail-Order Antiquarian Bookshop

The antiquarian bookshop Konrad von Agris is located at the Kronenberg in Aachen, the city of Charlemagne.

Aachen is well-known due to its rich cultural history, its excellent university RWTH Aachen and last but not least for the international Charlemagne Prize. Emboldened by this environment we are a business with world-wide reach, trading books at an international level while also serving our loyal customers in the tri-border region of Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium.

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