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The antiquariat was established in 2010. Today our catalogue offers more than 22.000 books in multiple languages, which is updated on a daily and systematic basis.

Antiquarische Buchhandlung - Antiquariat von Agris aus Aachen

Our team of 8 specialists brings a wide range of knowledge to the business. These capabilities enable our experienced staff to evaluate books for the catalogue, while providing meaningful descriptions and, in case of slightly damaged books, to repair valuable pieces. For more evolved restorations we are cooperating with a specialist restorer.

We attain to find a reasonable price for our books to appeal to a wide range of buyers.
We consider books as a part of our heritage and make our contribution in preserving them for the future.

As part of our social responsibility we cooperate with our local public bookcases and donate books on a weekly basis books to be enjoyed by the whole population, thereby winning readers on a daily basis.

A special donation campaign with more than 20 boxes of new cookbooks went to the Aachen animal shelter and the IG Mühle association for Stolberg, among others.

Soziales und kulturelles Engagement durch Antiquariat von Agris aus Aachen

Our Team:

Das Team vom Antiquariat von Agris aus Aachen
Guido Alles, Michael Jennes, Konrad von Agris, Lena Kleinevoss, Markus Maassen, Erdogan Ahmet, Holger Möhn


Konrad von Agris

Telephone service / customer service/ ordering per phone:

Michael Jennes

known as the cordial voice of our phone operator, equally responsible for orders via Email.


Erdogan Ahmet 

Antiquarian book specialists:

They enlarge our offerings by daily adding new material.

Markus Maassen

Dietmar Neumann

Holger Möhn

Guido Alles

Antje Brandenburg

Dr. Christof Haass


Lena Kleinevoss